Looking back to New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve was a fantastic night for me.  Everything went really well and everyone seemed to have a great night – not that I can take the credit for a lot of that in fairness! – the company seemed pretty good too.

Having played for four hours once before I sort of was prepared for how long the night would be but the first time I did that I got loads of specific requests so I didn’t have to do a lot of thinking but this time I thought I’d have to put more hard work in.

Truth is I probably did have to put more hard work in, but whatever I did do must have worked because on more than one occasion the manager (and area manager of the groupof pubs/clubs too) came up to tell me how good it was going and how the music was spot on etc…

The first hour and a half or so I just played a lot of fairly relaxed tunes because people were still eating but when things picked up they picked up well with lots of people dancing, drinking and generally having a great time.  The whole midnight / Big Ben thing went with only a tiny hitch that no-one spotted (I think) and for the rest of the night I played a lot of requests, chatted to a lot of people between records and received an unexpected number of kisses from slightly drunk women.  Perks of the job I guess!!

So would I do it again next year?  Almost certainly yeah although it wasn’t quite the same not celebrating the new year with my wife and family.  Would I work at the same place before then if they asked me?  Probably yeah – but not sure they are looking for someone anyway – interesting to think about though.

Anyway, enough about my NYE.  Hope you had a good one and that 2007 brings you everything you want.

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