Cruel advertising

While watching the American Football last night two adverts kept playing just about all night and I thought I’d share them with you.

First, there’s this one for a Seat car where all these toys sneak out into the car overnight and get taken wherever.  But the cruelty is reserved right to the end where you see this poor little cuddly pig running after the car.  Personally, I think such meanness to poor animals should not be tolerated – it is mean and very wrong.

And then most of the night straight after they had this one on for some cold symptom thing or other and at the end of that they featured someone taking a nose of a snowman who was about to sneeze with the result that this sneeze went off in the snowmans head clearly causing great discomfort and distress – AND his hat blew off as well.

Such cruelty to creatures in advertising should not be permitted and the advertisers should be told they are wrong!!!

Ok that’s enough from me.  Carry on!

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