A little catch up

Hello again

Been a little while but thought I should post something before I start work on an otherwise dull Friday and catch up with whatever nonsense I’ve been up to lately.

Last weekend was a bit mad I was out with some friends at a quiz night and despite seemingly been one of the drunker (if that’s a real word) teams out there we managed to win fairly easily.  Although one of the team will never let me forget that I did not recognise the introduction to Jean Genie by David Bowie – but I’m sorry it does sound like Blockbuster by the Sweet.

My son made last Wednesday quite interesting by breaking his arm falling off a rope swing, but he’s doing alright with it and in no more of a grumpy mood than normal so alls well in the end there too.

I was playing pool this Wednesday night and had probably one of my best matches ever playing well against island ranked players and winning 2 games out of 3 and generally impressing all present with my play.  I’m almost tempted to try out for the island team again next year – maybe. We’ll see.

And finally, this weekend I am back DJing again at the Bistro Rocque.  It’s my first night since the fantastic New Year’s Eve night so I’m looking forward to getting back into it again.  I’ll be doing Friday nights at the Rocque as well going forward, although they don’t have a DJ every Friday but it’s still semi-regular work which is great.

Oh well, that’s more than enough writing for now.  Hope all is well with all reading this.  Have fun guys!

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