Monday again – bah!

Back to work again on a Monday.  Mondays really should be outlawed.  They’re really good for nothing other than introducing a week and I’m sure another weekend day would do that just as well.

Anyway, what have I been up to this weekend.  Well on Saturday I was really busy.  I was going to buy a nice looking laptop however the little label that was on the machine which said it was a fab whizzy quick laptop was somewhat less than honest so by the time the scabby box came out which happened to have a completely different specification to what it said in the shop I ran away as fast as I could.  But I suppose that’s saved a few hundred quid which can’t be bad.

In the afternoon I joined in the stag do in progress but since I was driving I stayed sober and just got to laugh at all the drunk people falling about.  Highlight has to have been watching a grown-up 30something bloke giggling like a girl saying “Make X get on the coach first so we can all pile on him”.  Oh dear…..just like being back at school again.  Very funny though!!

And as I think I mentioned last week I was back DJing again at the Bistro Rocque and it was probably my best night ever there.  The restaurant was pretty busy anyway but the floor was busy almost all night and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  Especially this drunk girl who insisted on showing me this troll key-ring thing she had and asking for a Pink Floyd track.  Still that was a great night and now I’m quite looking forward to being back there in a couple of weeks time.

Right – that’s more or less my lunch hour over with so I’m going to get back to the serious business of real work. Bye for now!

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