Bit of a catch up (again)

Been a while since I posted here so thought I’d better catch up with the latest thrilling news in my life.  However, I am doing two more important things namely having a nice chat and also watching the snooker so I might ramble on a bit or otherwise lose interest.  Something like Myspace turns talking to yourself into an art form so I’m sure no-one will be too disturbed by my mumbling.

So, what can I remember about working in the UK a couple of weeks ago.  Well firstly, I seemed to be enjoying leaving my leather jacket in random places.  I left it first of all at the second meeting I was at on the Wednesday but I realised before I got too far away so we shot back there and picked it up.  However, then I managed to leave it in our Glasgow office on Thursday.  Not a big deal really since it was an old manky jacket, but a bit more of a big deal when you realise I left my passport in it.  Fortunately, the airline I was with don’t insist on you having ID when you travel.   Lucky escape there really.

The meetings we were at on Wednesday were useful / informative (as appropriate) but very very tiring.  It was nice to drop into our London office just to say hi and have a look around.  Only trouble was I had every intention of having a bit of a window shop around Oxford Street that night and by the time it came down to it I was happy just to head for the nearest Garfunkels and have a nice (albeit lonely and therefore quiet – as the guy I travelled with stayed at the office as his hotel was around the corner whilst I was in the Gatwick Hilton – of which more later).

I can always make room for a Garfunkels meal so a nice plate of stuffed mushrooms and whatever main course I had (can’t remember) followed, but after that I just couldn’t find any enthusiasm to go shopping so I just went back to the airport and therefore the hotel.

By the time I got comfy there I felt more in the mood for mischief again.  Only trouble was it was by now 8pm or thereabouts – 15 hours after waking up (yuk!).  A few of the shops in the airport were shutting so I could just about have a wander round a record shop and a couple of clothes shops and that was about it.

So, after that there wasn’t much else to do other than sleep awaiting another 5am start the next morning.

Oh apart from drinking……

Well they had the Chelsea – Liverpool 1st leg game on so I watched that whilst enjoying a pint or 3 of cider.  Very nice actually and pretty chilled out and just what I needed after a long day.

After the game I wandered over to Burger King (as you do) and tucked into a Bacon Double Cheeseburger.  I miss not having a Burger King nearer where I live so that made a nice change.  Then I wandered back to the hotel and instead of being sensible and going to bed I decided to wander down to the hotel bar and have a drink there.  Except in the airport bar a pint cost £2.40 but in the hotel bar they were up to £3.70.  Duly ripped off I had one pint whilst watching an Alan Ball tribute programme and then finally sneaked off to bed about half 11-ish.

About 6 hours later I was up again and not long after was on my first of 3 plane journeys that day off to Glasgow.  That trip went well and without event – nice to travel to a city I’d never been to before, although I didn’t exactly see the sights.  The main shopping high street was much like any other in any other UK city, but it was a nice sunny day so it was good.  The training in Glasgow went very well too so it was all worthwhile.

The trip back was a touch more eventful – partly because of stressing about not having my passport – but mainly because of stupid signposting in Gatwick.  There was something like 50 minutes between the scheduled arrival time on my Glasgow-Gatwick flight to the departure of my London-Jersey flight – not long I thought.  So I wondered if going through the flight connections area would help at all. I’ve never done it before but on the plane they advise you to so I followed those signs.  “Flight Connections” signs were all around when get off the plane so I kept following them.  Then a sign came up which said “International Flight Connections” so I thought “ok that’s not me so there’ll be another room / sign up in a minute”

Except there wasn’t – not a sausage.  Nope I discovered rather too late that there appears to be no such thing as non-international flight connections in Gatwick airport so you don’t seem to have any option other than go back out into arrivals then across into departures and then queue up (again) to go through security, even though you’ve just been through security in another airport.  Stupid signposting and planning.  Although there appears to have once been such a thing since someone had (badly) covered up the old signs with black masking tape.  But no good to me on this occasion sadly.

Anyway, I made it through to departures with about 5 minutes to spare so all was ok in the end, although I was amused by having someone else on the Glasgow flight flying onto Jersey and they were much much more panicky than me about making the flight.  Enough to queue jump the departures line which I suppose could have annoyed me but I stayed chilled.

And that was about it for the trip really.  I think the two 5am starts wore me out for about a week afterwards but I’m just about over it now.

Since then we’ve got back into working flat out(ish) on getting ready for our house move in just 18 days time.  Can’t wait really.  But at the same time I think we need every day we’ve got to get ready so I’m not exactly wishing my life away.  Everything seems in place for it now so we just have to pack and arrange removal men and stuff like that.  Oh and electricity, gas, telephone, mail redirection etc etc etc.

I guess I shouldn’t be wasting time here posting but too bad I’m here anyway.  Haven’t actually been watching the snooker at all in the end..  Been either writing here or chatting.  Guess that means I can multi-task a little bit but not a lot!!  Or maybe my chat is too important.  Or maybe once I start ranting about Gatwick airport it’s hard to stop me.  I don’t know……

This week I’ll be marshalling at a hillclimb on Wednesday so I may have some interesting tales to tell when I’m back here but anyway, I’m going to clear off now and leave you all in peace.  Bye bye!

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