Some random music

Inspired by a survey I’ve just completed in my MySpace bulletins I thought I’d come here and do something I occasionally do and pick some random tunes from the collection on my PC and ramble on about them semi coherently.

1. “The Promise” – When In Rome – a fab tune I hadn’t heard in years and had long since forgotten about when I stumbled across it inadvertently while reading about the film “Napoleon Dynamite” which itself I only started reading about because I was so intrigued by its name.  A wonderful song which really doesn’t sound like it’s nearly 20 years old.  Kind of like a slightly more melodic New Order (speaking of whom very sad to hear they were splitting up again, but if it means more Electronic and Monaco or whatever Hooky is doing these days then it’ll be ok)

2. “Hide” – Matthew Sweet – a nice chilled out tune to fit with my mood.  Not sure if I’ve ever rambled on here about Matthew before but he’s a fab singer/songwriter in sort of a Neil Young type of mould – now normally that would put me off and to be fair some of Matthew’s output doesn’t exactly inspire but at his best he’s fab.  Top tune is “I’ve Been Waiting”.

3. “I wouldn’t wanna happen to you” – Embrace – not their finest moment ever in my view but still a good single from a great band.  The “Out of nothing” album should be an essential purchase for anyone’s CD collection.

4. “Catch” – Kosheen – one of my favourite singles of the early 2000s.  Personally, I have no idea why this wasn’t loads more successful in the charts than it was at the time, especially with the really cool video it had but hey it wasn’t and to be fair this is just about the best track they’ve produced in their 2 albums released to date.  New one out in June however and it’s just made its appearance in my Amazon wish list now.

5. “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” – Bon Jovi – I’m sure Paula will approve!  One of the more unlikely tracks I played on the first night I worked as a DJ in the Bistro Central, and got a suprisingly positive reaction (or was everyone hammered??).  I really quite like this song.  Just discovered that the video apparently contains a man in a dog suit……interesting…….

6. “Free to decide” – The Cranberries – oooh here’s a lovely song I haven’t heard in ages.  Just reading up a bit about the band has reminded me about “Linger” which is one of the sweetest pop tunes you will ever hear, which apparently in the Adam Sandler film “Click” – see the film but I don’t remember it.  Anyway, this one’s not up to that standard but still pretty good damn good.  Looking forward to buying lead singer Delores O’Riordan’s solo album in due course.

7. “The Hindu Times” – Oasis – a pretty good comeback to form by Oasis this was.  In fact the whole album was something of a revelation although in some ways I never thought the band had really gone away.  Alright “Standing on the shoulders of giants” wasn’t that good (and had a very pretentious title) but it did also have a great tune in “Sunday Morning Call” but that was about it.  Sure this tune isn’t the bands finest work, but it’s very listenable all the same.

8. “I’m With You” – Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley (apparently!) – a beautiful tune for her amazing Let Go album.  One of the most re-playable albums of recent years for me.  It says here she was voted 7th most powerful Canadian in Hollywood although to my cynical mind that sounds a bit like winning 5th place in a chav beauty contest.  Not been quite so convinced about Avril more recent tunes but still very listenable all the same.

9. “Teardrop” – Massive Attack feat. Liz Fraser – I’m really not sure how to describe this tune.  Melodic trip hop is a phrase that comes to mind but that’s possibly a nice glass of red wine talking.  But check it out and in fact just go and buy the “Mezzanine” album because lots of it is great.

10.“Love Will Tear Us Apart” – Joy Division – it will always spook me out a little bit to think that this is probably one of the earliest pop / rock songs to make an impression on me somehow yet I was only 5 going on 6 at the time and it was being sung by a guy who had committed suicide a month earlier.  In fact, Friday will see the 27th anniversary of Ian Curtis’s death and the song title here appears on the poor guy’s headstone.  Anyway, this song is probably the oddest request I’ve had in the six months or so I’ve been DJing and I only wish I had it on me that night because it’s a great tune.

Oh well – that’s passed a pleasant 50 minutes or so reminiscing about music.  Must be showing my age or something.  Bye bye again

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