Can’t leave food anywhere

Still some brief mumbling from me before I get back to working for a change.  Most of our house move things seem to be falling into place although there is still one fairly large potential problem with the house we’re buying but at least our sale looks pretty much perfect now and I think that’s the most important one really (although I guess having somewhere to live after would be quite nice too!)

A pretty uneventful day really although I have seen the power that free food has over seemingly rational people.  I was in a meeting for about 10 minutes earlier and in that time someone brought a tray of unused sandwiches out of one of our meeting rooms, put them in a kitchen and the ravenous hordes then descended on the cheap lunch offer such that by the time I discovered that there was free food going there was one rather sad pathetic looking wrap left lying there which looked like either it had been driven over a couple of times or maybe someone had just poked it and licked it and put it back maybe.

Anyway, enough of my rambling as I’m sure you all have better stuff to be doing.  And I have free food to think about!! Bye

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