Some random stuff before I go to bed

A selection of thoughts that have crossed my mind today that I thought I’d blog about.

1. Watched the F1 Gp this weekend and was rather shocked by the Kubica crash.  Eerily familiar to a fatal one I saw five or six years ago which took the life of Greg Moore.  Robert was a lucky man

2. Been contemplating changing jobs but ultimately I do still enjoy what I’m doing.  I guess if I’ve gone so far to think about alternative jobs and I’m sticking with the same one it might just be right for me.

3. It’s only 2 and a half weeks until I head for France and the last GP to be held at Magny Cours.  And I can’t wait 🙂

4. One more thing about the Canadian GP at the weekend.  I thought ITV’s coverage was shocking.  The first British GP winner for ages and they can’t even be bothered to show the press conference just because it might leave Corrie fans waiting for 5 minutes.  Very poor effort

5. That’s all for now – time for bed. Bye bye

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