Listening to music

Just listening to a few tunes on the laptop here so here’s a list of some artists I have songs from who should be more (or in some cases much less) famous than they are.

Amy Studt – firstly, I can’t believe she’s actually British – from Bristol, a place we’re heading to in a few weeks time mainly because they have an Ikea there.  As I was saying, was just listening to a few tunes off her first (only so far) album and they’re still great.  Just been reading she’s working on new stuff so can’t wait to hear it.

Amy Winehouse – is there anyone else in the world who hates this woman’s voice as much as me?  Well there is one song I like of her – a really lovely cover of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” which is really sweet and nice, and I think she’s done vocals on a Mark Ronson tune I heard this morning – ok that’s two songs now and I’ll try not to like any more.

Aphex Twin – ok he should be more famous but he doesn’t want to be so I guess that’s his call.  Listening to Windowlicker now which has a stupid title but is quality music.  Also starring on my phone as a ringtone at present.

Athlete – “Half Light” is one the best singles I’ve heard in recent years.  Glad to read they’ve got a new single out next month.  “Yesterday Threw Everything At Me” is pretty good too.

Beautiful South – ok this mob don’t count any more cos they split up earlier this year and that was a huge shame to me.  One of Britain’s all time great singles bands yet some of their best tunes are still criminally un-well known.

Bernard Butler – wonder what he’s up to at the moment.  Could look him up on t’web but can’t be bothered right now.  Great in Suede, great in McAlmont & Butler, great in the Tears and pretty good as himself (ok he’s not exactly the voice of an angel).

The Calling – “Wherever You Will Go” is another great single but must have come out in a time when I was listening to very little music for some reason.  Very reminiscent now of the Fray and another band returning soon apparently.

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