Never EVER go to Warminster

Last week I was in the UK for a short holiday with the family.  We took the car over there and had a good drive around sticking about 400 miles on the car and generally having a great time.

Didn’t start well though since the boat out was delayed by an hour originally then the ferry company decided to transfer passengers onto it who coming in on a later boat so it went out about 2 hours late in the end and since the original boat had been cancelled anyway we went to a different port (Weymouth rathen than Poole) so had a half hour drive to get to our hotel – at 3:30am!  But it was fine though really – we didn’t have much planned for the next day other than travelling up to our next hotel in Warminster and visiting Asda in Poole to get some sandwiches and to check out the bargains in George (which were pretty good but not up to Primark standards).

Warminster – gateway to hell.  That’s what it should say when you enter.  I don’t think anyone actually chooses to live in Warminster and it wouldn’t actually suprise me if the whole town was an open prison really.  You get no mobile phone coverage there and god forbid if someone is taken ill there at an inconvenient time since no doctor would be dare come out to Warminster after 6pm.  Also staff in the Little Chef and Travelodge were some of the grumpiest I have ever seen.  Clearly it’s a place for the dregs of society or those unfortunate enough to have been born there.

Next day we escaped quickly and travelled to Longleat and had a great day around the grounds and the safari park.  Our car was attacked by some mean looking monkeys but it didn’t spoil a great day.  That night we went up to Newport in Wales, via the brilliant Ikea in Bristol (their cafe is incredibly good value) and had a nice night there.

On the Wednesday we went to see a couple of places my wife went to when she was a kid – the Big Pit (now the National Coal Mining Museum of Wales) in Blaenafon and then back into England for Wookey Hole and a trip through Cheddar Gorge.  And then it was a nice quiet (if very very wet) trip back to Poole for the trip home which went quietly.

All been pretty quiet since then really – had a couple of trips to the beach and just off into town now with the kids.  Working tonight at the Bistro Rocque which should be good but at least will help the credit cards be paid off.  Must dash now cos kids getting restless – bye for now

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