Number One singles part 2

Let’s hope this picks up a bit cos it’s been a bit rubbish lately

24 – Louis Armstrong – Wonderful World – christ this is getting tragic.  Music to hang yourself by – lovely

23 – Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – I’m starting to wonder why I bothered with this.  When I was listening before around the 50-60 range the music was any good

22 – The Prodigy – Firestarter – well it’s better – watching a nutter prance about accompanied by a rock tune with a dance beat is an improvement at least.  Mind you I hated it when it originally came out.

21 – David McAlmont introduces the next one which (if I didn’t know it never got to number one in the first place) would have hopefully introduced McAlmont & Butler’s “Yes” – sadly it’s Bistro Rocque middle aged diners’ fave Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive.  I’ll dance to this if really hammered but I’ve only had a bottle of wine and a large-ish glass of Baileys so I’ll stay sitting right here ta very much.  Next!!

20 – Manics – If you tolerate this your children will be next – What!!!! This got to number one??? It’s much to cool and good to get to number one surely.  Wow – some things can still surprise me eh.  Great tune.  A regular on my Ipod

19 – Procul Harum – Whiter Shade of Pale – I don’t get this one.  It’s kind of an ok-ish sort of tune, but in the top 20 singles of all time?? Nope mate – don’t think so.

18 – The Kinks – You Really Got Me.  Maybe I’m just not in the mood for old music, although that doesn’t explain me liking “Mr Tamborine Man”

17 – Monkees – I’m a Believer – an occasional tune in my set at the Bistro, although I far prefer the cover done by Vic Reeves.  Proves old tunes aren’t all rubbish.

16 – Soft Cell – Tainted Love.  Ahh ok maybe I’ve got it now.  At my age 80s tunes are generally “good” whereas music from most other eras generally tends to be “rubbish”.  So this one is “good” then – not great though

15 – Marvin Gaye – Heard it on the grapevine – I really don’t particularly like this tune.  Dont know why since its pretty unoffensive and quite dull actually but i just dont like it

14 – missed it – was busy reading Autosport

13 – Madonna – Like a Prayer – I hated this at the time since the religious imagery in the video seemed a bit attention getting (which of course it was) but now it just sounds like a half decent pop song.

12 – Robbie Williams – Millenium – whaaaaaaaaaat?  Who has been voting for this list – did they only allow members of the Williams family in or something?  This isn’t even the 12th best Robbie tune let alone the twelth best ever of anything.

11 – Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U – once again I absolutely loathed this at the time and now I wouldn’t exactly say I like it but I kind of appreciate the quality singing.  Have to say I was hoping for better from this list.  Dont know why though – if the Great British public can vote for a numpty like Brian whatever his name is in Big Brother to win a big pile of cash then they’ll vote for any old nonsense

Another break now – back soon

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