The top 10 singles of all time

Well if the past 16 or so songs have been anything to go by then I ain’t getting my hopes up for much quality.  My wife reckoned Bohemian Rhapsody will be at the top – I’m hoping not but fearing she’s right.  Think Band Aid might not be a million miles away too

10 – Bryan Adams – Everything I do.  Possibly one of the worst tunes he’s ever released but hey it did a job for a film I guess and made me go running back to my “Reckless” CD to listen to “Heaven” which is possibly one of the best singles ever.

9 – Spiller / Sophie Ellis Bextor – Groovejet – wow I wasn’t expecting this to be in the list at all.  It’s not a wonderful track but actually its going to be one of those timeless tunes that is instantly recognisable from a particular musical era but will still kind of stand up on its own as being pretty good.  Reminds me of a fab holiday I had in Ibiza a few years back too

8 – Oasis – Dont look back in anger.  Aahhhh – now we’re talking.  I remember quite a fair few nights in Raffles nightclub at just before chucking out time listening well shouting to Oasis tunes with a beer glass in one hand and the other hand over the shoulder of someone you’ve never met while 20 or so of you all belt out the same tune.  Love it 🙂

7 – The Verve – Drugs Dont Work – another tune from the music to kill yourself to series but actually it’s a beautiful (if depressing) tune.  “Like a cat in a bag waiting to drown” is possibly one of the most miserable lyrics ever written but it’s still a fab tune.

6 – ewwww they’ve got a caption headed “composers of Stand By Me” – yup now here’s one song I hated when it reached number 1 and now I still hate it.  It’s terrible really.  Doesn’t even have the redeeming quality that you can dance to it.  Very poor

5 – Police – Every breath you take.  Now when i was a brat this seemed to be number one for months and months and as a result i hated it at the time.  And to be fair I’m not sure i’ve warmed to it any.  I do however appreciate it more as a result of the Puff Daddy and Faith Evans cover version (sort of) a few years back

4 – Abba – Dancing Queen – ok personally I don’t really like this tune, but like whoever is just speaking just said you can go to any disco or whatever and if they put this on the floor fills.  Yep it’s true I do play this and it fills the floor like little else.  Well that was surreal – I’ve just watched Peter Hook (of New Order fame) saying what a great tune it is too – does that make it officially cool or was he taking the urine???

3 – The Beatles – Hey Jude – nope this does nothing for me.  Can’t even be bothered to hate it.  The “na na na” bit at the end just goes on and on and on whilst I’m hoping for a decent tune to come on.  Now…..Please

2 – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – this is kind of like good classical music.  You can’t love it but you can sort of appreciate it without looking too uncool and of course you can get to do your best Wayne’s World headbanging at the appropriate point in the song – a fact rather criminally ignored in this segment about the tune – very poor effort by Channel 4.  I’ve never yet played this at the Bistro but I must do just to see if everyone will headbang at the right point.

1 – John Lennon – Imagine – ewwwwwwww not what i was hoping for at all.  Imagine is too dull to be a great tune isn’t it.  Yeah it’s well written and it’s mildly pleasant but it really doesn’t move me emotionally like a truly great tune should surely.  Oh well – maybe it’s me just being a bit rubbish in the taste department.

Well i’m going to crawl back under my rock now.  Byebye

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