The top 28 Number One singles

Ok since I got nothing better to do (other than playing Football Manager 2007 and I can’t be bothered with that right now……and drinking Baileys but I can do that at the same time) I’m watching the top 100 1 singles on E4 right now.

We’re on 27 as I write this which is the unfeasibly dull Space Oddity. Boooo hissss etc.  28 was the Jam’s Going Underground.  Much better.

Anyway, in the same vein as previous musical posts on this space I thought I’d pass comment on the music heard and hope that one or two of you might care less what I think.  Earlier highlights were the rather excellent “Don’t You Want Me” by the Human League and the Byrds’ Mr Tambourine Man – both soon to be heard at a disco played by me.  I’ll probably post my mutterings every so often so as to avoid an even more long rambling post than usual – although I strongly suspect I’m heading rapidly towards both long and rambling as I speak…..or type…..or something.

26 Coolio – Gangta Paradise – gee this aint getting any better is it.  Ok they had the New Order/ England Footy tune on earlier – the one that had John Barnes rapping in it.  I’m not convinced it was a great record but it was interesting at least.  Ok – it wasn’t a patch on Three Lions but that is one of the best singles ever made – somehow I doubt it’ll be in this list though.

25 seems to have been replaced by Martin Luther King speaking – I’m sure it will become clear in a second………Norman Cook now – still no sign of a record……..ahhhhhh ok “Praise You” by Lardyboy Skinny.  Hmmmm – iffy song – cool video.  What on earth was the connection to Martin Luther King??? Strange…

And that’s an ad break so let’s post this and carry on watching and chatting elsewhere and maybe if I stay sober enough you’ll get some comment on the rest of this list.

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