A couple of shows and watching gastric bypass surgery

Ok while I’m here at lunch here’s another opportunity to read my random ramblings.  First off, I had a couple of shows at the Bistro Rocque last week and they went pretty well really.  Thursday night was fab with a great hen night crowd in and an excellent night was had by all (even if I do say so myself).  Sadly, Saturday night was very quiet in the restaurant so sadly by the time 1am rolled round most people had cleared off, but hey that’s life in that line of work I guess.  Not sure when my next work is coming up but probably next month and then no doubt it’ll be getting busy as we head for the Xmas rush.

The title of this post probably raised some curiosity but I just had to have a “random rant”.  You know you get those programmes where they follow people who are having gastric bypass surgery.  Well how come all of those who do it on TV swear blind that their size has nothing to do whatsoever with eating too much and its all genetic really honest guv.

Soooo, how come they’re having surgery to restrict the amount of food that they can eat????  There must be something in their logic I’m missing there cos it seems to be a recurring theme in all of these shows.

The last one I saw had an extra highlight in it – the estranged father of this kid came round to visit and suggested she go on a diet – much wailing about it being genetic followed – and he ended up suggesting he pays for her to have a month on a health farm to which he reply was along the lines of “but at those places if I miss a meal I’d have to go without and they make you do loads of exercise”.

Aha – found her out.  She’s just an exercise dodger who happens to enjoy several meals a day.  Nice to have her declare that on national TV (well Discovery Real Time or something) and I’m sure she’ll be keeping that hilarious clip for posterity.

Anyway, should be off to do some work now.  Happy Wednesday all

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