Some new words

At the risk of sounding like a sad git who has nothing better to do than watching cookery programmes of an evening I thought I’d share with you some new words I learnt last night, courtesy of Nigella’s new show.

1. Clumpage – possibly she was a fan of that annoying Tracey off of BB but in this case it refers to little bits of mixture not combined properly.  Apparently some clumpage is a good thing.

2. Leafage – definitely inspired by BB Tracey – any leaves (preferably the overpriced posh variety I’d imagine)

3. Moosh – I’m guessing on the spelling here, but “mooshing” appears to involve stirring stuff and other than that I can’t add much to its meaning.

4. Numblyness – clearly she was getting pretty excitable making this crumble by the time this word came out.  I’m not really sure what this means but if you don’t get enough “clumpage” you don’t get the right amount of “numblyness”……apparently

5. Nubblyness – not to be mistaken with number 4 above.  Again, the meaning of this wasn’t explained but as I recall it came out in the context of “leafage” so can’t be all that similar.  Again, nubblyness I hear is a good thing.

Ok – that’s all for today’s vocabulary lesson.  Next time we’ll be listening to more made up words used by telly people who should know better.  Bye bye

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