How longs it been since I was last here

Ok here we are once again. Weeeell, I’ve been getting back into going to the gym again having switched my membership to somewhere much nearer home and it’s a lot more cosy and well a bit more “me” if you know what I mean. Also, use of the swimming pool, sauna and tennis courts is included so it’s good value for us too. Result!

I was doing a bit more DJing last night, filling in at the Bistro Rocque and had a fantastic time. There was a good old crowd still there dancing away at the end and I think everyone had a good time. Got some more dates coming up in the months ahead too including a likely new venue to me, the new Radisson hotel here in the island. If that one comes off it should be an excellent new place to get to.

Also, I’ve got myself booked up for New Year’s Eve and at the time of writing I’ll be at another new (to me) venue, the La Hocq Inn. It’s a nice pub with a restaurant, which does gorgeous food, so should be a nice fun homely crowd I’d imagine. A bit different to The Bar last year but still excellent.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing about with our new Xbox 360 and in particular using Xbox live under this ID.  I could suggest I’m really quite sad and I don’t think that’s entirely unfair but it has been great fun.

This past week i’ve been off work and the first good thing about that was that it wasn’t possible to log into my work e-mail so I’ve not had to worry about anything like that (although that will mean tomorrow will be a nightmare sadly) but secondly and more important I’ve had some great fun with the kids, including getting a badly waterlogged ear which I’ve suffered from for a few days.

Last night we were all out at a fireworks display, and had been given a pass into the hospitality area which was great. Lovely food and drink and being highly entertained by one of those balloon-animal makers. In fact, last night I made my first ever balloon dog and if you’re really lucky I’ll post a pic one day.

Right that’s enough for now. I’ll try and post more but hey life gets in the way (as do nasty cars playing Project Gotham 4….ahem) Bye for now

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