Looking for music

Looking for some half decent music of the cheap variety ideally.  Since I haven’t bought any CDs for an almost unprecedented couple of months or so I thought I’d see if there’s anything on my Amazon wish list that’s going cheap.

In short, I’m a touch disappointed since the only moderately cheap-ish ones are the rather excellent Charlotte Hatherley and an old Echo and the Bunnymen CD.  Not quite what I had in mind then so let’s see what else Amazon would like to send me.  Now before looking at my recommendations I can usually find a selection of New Order singles on there which isn’t inaccurate but I just don’t want to buy them.  For some reason I’ve never told the Amazon computer that I’m not interested – not sure why.

Just the one New Order single now (the great Jetstream) and then I have to go down to number 29 on my list to find something less than 2 years old, and even then it’s a re-packaged Deacon Blue album from years ago.  Ok – this doesn’t look good.  I promise you all I have my finger slightly more on the pulse than that – I think.  Let’s try just filtering to new releases then.

Avril Lavigne….Courteeners……Shania Twain (“Up!” – isn’t that quite old?), Dawn Landes (who?), Ryan Adams (a name crying out for the letter “B”), Rab Noakes (eh??? relation to John maybe), Anthony Reynolds.  That’s enough – now does this mean I am way out of touch these days or are my tastes just a touch too obscure for Amazon.   Hmmmm….looking down a couple more throws up Girls Aloud and Shayne Ward!! Maybe my taste does have a problem!!!

Well I was hoping for better to be honest but there you go maybe there’s not much out at the moment.  Even the album chart struggles to fire my imagination any.

Adele – no ta – which reminds me – what ever did happen to Jem?
Robert Plant – nope
Radiohead – hell no – just not my thing
Nickelback – could be – especially at around six quid
Scouting for Girls – hmmm alright
Amy Winehouse – get the feeling I’ve already heard all the good stuff on it
Amy McDonald – maybe at a fiver
Vampire Weekend – had never heard of them until I saw they were the Itunes single of the week – wasn’t immediately struck with them really

And so it continues – much of a muchness – my eye is drawn by the £3 price tag accompanying a Damian Rice album but really that’s not a great reason to buy is it?

Well at least I do still have a few CD pressies for Xmas to listen to and that will just have to keep me going for a bit I guess.  What’s out there to look forward to then?  Goldfrapp could be good.  Last time I checked Amy Studt had something coming out this year too.  The Orb too – not to everyone’s taste I admit.

Ok then – this jaded old music fan had better be off and be grumpy elsewhere.  No doubt I’ll be grumping at a place near you soon.

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