I’m not all that good at updating this am I

No I’m not.  I’m pretty poor at it generally to be honest.  What I end up having are various thoughts on various occasions and I think “oooh I must blog something about that sometime” and of course I never do.  But what exactly have I been up to?

Quite a lot actually – a couple of weeks back I saw Dara O’Briain when he was over here for one night.  I was expecting him to be good but he was very very very good, and I think we were highly informative too – in fact I dare say he left the gig thinking “I must find out what the f*&$ they were all laughing about when I mentioned the honorary police”.  If working in a disused fort, with a gym next to his dressing room wasn’t enough.  I can’t say decide if I’d rather have been in the front row being chatted to or not but it was good fun anyway.

I was off on holiday from work, but still in Jersey, with the kids last week and we had a great time too – doing lots of swimming, going bowling and also having the kids being taught how to sword fight (with rubber swords) at Mont Orgueil Castle.  Indeed watching the kids being taught that when you draw a sword you have to make a “ching” noise yourself so your opponent knows the sword is real – not rubber at all – or something like that – anyway, well that was one of the funniest things I’d seen in ages, apart from Dara obviously.

Last Friday I was at the Bistro Rocque again amusing the punters with a good set.  I had a pretty good night there really – all present were either heavily inebriated or too young to be heavily inebriated and I’m sure all were pretty happy.

Recently, we’ve been catching up on a bit of TV we’ve missed, although ‘m still about a fortnight behind on watching Nascar races.  We have however been catching up watching the fantastic Derren Brown series.  I can’t believe things he does are set up, because frankly why go to all that bother so there’s some damn useful information being taught to people – like the guy who single handedly came 2nd in a national pub quiz final after being taught to read and the girl last week who was taught how to escape from bindings and tied up sacks and the like.  Fab stuff.

Also, in my spare time I’ve still been playing Forza 2 (working on buying auctioned cars cheaply right now, especially those not available to me because of the region I’m playing in) and a little bit of online cards (Poker and Cribbage – yes I’m that old!)

Well well, that’s passed 10 minutes of my lunch hour happily enough so I’m off to finish eating now and then find something useful to be doing.  Bye for now.

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