From the beach

Today I thought I’d write my recent thoughts from the rather pleasant surroundings of the beach at Green Island. You see much like the middle of last week the weather is totally gorgeous so we, being me and the kids, are making the most of it.

It’s been a pretty varied last few days really. Doing a bit of work, both in my day job and my part time night one, but also getting out a lot catching some sun and having a few beers too.

Last Friday I was out having a fab time at a work social. I had organised some of the music for it, but on this occasion we had proper musicians in the form of a superb band. I did however have one amaing moment while “playing”. I’d put on a few dance tunes late on and got a few people going (most were outside as is the trend since the smoking ban) and the band wandered in to do a few numbers.  I had Brimful of Asha on and they actually picked up the song in progress and joined in.  It was very cool and very memorable.  Great work by them (haven’t got their name to hand so can’t plug them sadly).

We’ve also had a couple of barbecues again making the most of the weather but since i don’t think its meant to last its probably just as well.

Well i’m going to finish here and check on what neolithic creatures the kids have dragged out of the rockpools here. Or I’m going to lie here and let U2’s With Or Without You remind me some more of Friday 🙂 Bye for now

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