Random tunes

Today I’m going to revive my occasional “feature” (I think that’s too kind a term for this but I can’t think of anything more apt) of picking 10 songs at random off of my Ipod, or in today’s case off of my media player library, and wittering on about them in the hope of saying something interesting or re-telling a chirpy anecdote.  Unfortunately, it usually turns into self-indulgent and pointless reviewing of music but too bad.  Let’s dig in.

1. Nerina Pallot – Geek Love.  Oh great first tune I pick is by someone on my friends list. Well ok it’s not my fave Nerina tune ever (Everybody’s Gone To War) but it’s very good all the same and a very sweet song.  I like.

2. The Calling – Wherever You Will Go.  Why’s this got such a bad rating from Media Player.  There’s a lot of people slating this then and I have no idea why.  I love it.

3. The Bravery – An Honest Mistake.  Again I quite like this although the band weren’t exactly the longest lasting ever were they.  But it’s just passed 3 mins time pleasantly enough so it’ll do.

4. The Music – Freedom Fighters.  Don’t recognise this so definitely haven’t got any witty stories about it.  It’s not great either so probably won’t be staying on this hard drive long.  It’s not terrible so not really doing anything for me.

5. Terrorvision – Perseverance.  Haven’t heard this in years.  Seems most of this mob are guitar bands so far (plus Nerina) and I don’t think that’s really a fair reflection on my taste in music.  I’m a bit more varied than that I thought….Whatever happened to Terrorvision – great band really which never seemed to get the credit and support they deserved.

6. Beastie Boys – Fight for your right to party.  Hahaha – weren’t the BBs seen as something as a joke when this came out for their nonsense with car badges and such like.  Then they ruin it all by making fab music like Intergalactic.

7. Presidents of the USA – Video Killed the Radio Star.   Awwww I lurve this tune.  The original was great but this mob really added some great sound to it and a bit of attitude.  I think I played this at the work do last weekend – not sure – too long ago now to remember.  I certainly planned to but that doesn’t mean a lot.

8. (more guitary stuff – yes that’s a real word!)  Linkin Park – Points of Authority.  This mob are very hit and miss for me.  Like this – love “In The End”.  Another fab band who I don’t get to hear enough of.

9. Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar.  Not my fave Chems track ever but it’s pretty good.  Most known to me for its video of a train journey or for being on the soundtrack of a PS2 rallying game.

10. Good Charlotte – Boys and Girls.  Another band that’s escaped my attention the past few years and they came to mind anyway after playing Terrorvision before.  Seemed to end too soon, but I do love quick little 3 minute rock songs.

That’ll do for now, maybe next time I’d retell some stories of excitement in my life but I wouldn’t count on it.  Bye bye

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