Excitement? Not as such….

Well last time i blogged here about this time last month I threatened that I wouldn’t have much exciting stuff to post and to be honest I don’t.

I’ve had another week off work which was good.  I’ve been hosting a couple of pub quizzes which has been ok – not as much fun as DJing though and it seems like the people i work with have branched out into karaoke and quizzes and I don’t much fancy that so it could be my DJ work will dry up quite a lot.  Shame really – but there’s odd bits here and there I have so they’ll have to do.

This past weekend I spent Saturday evening and night at Jersey Live.  The dance arena was fab, but for me the highlight of the night has to be the set by the Courteneers.  I’d faintly heard of the name before and had somehow recalled one song they did – Not 19 Forever – which I now love.  Must buy some of their stuff sometime very soon.  Loved it.

Also, enjoyed the silent disco – a tent with 50 or so people dancing to music being put in through headphones so no-one else can hear it.  I did it and it’s very cool – wierd to watch but it’s about participating not watching.

To be honest the Zutons were a bit of a come down musically.  The atmosphere was fab and I’d go again any time (albeit perhaps not paying the £50 entry) but I’d love a band more to my taste.

Anyway, can’t think of anything else more interesting to say so I’ll leave it there.  Bye for now.

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