Developments in motor racing

I thought I’d post a bit about whatever has been going on in Motor Racing recently.

From looking on you can’t help but think that the sport is in a lot of trouble. A driver with famous connections dies last week live on tv, an F1 driver is seriously injured but somehow at the time of the incident itself the guys at the circuit make it look all very relaxed – certainly no hint of the actual injuries.

Then just about as I’m writing this BMW are holding a press conference to announce (allegedly) that they’re leaving F1.

Aside from that the IRL keeps changing its rules to help “the show” and MotoGPs top class has an embarrassingly small regular grid.

Very little good news around really and I don’t see it getting much better. Its a shame really as has been said before because this years F1 championship should be a thriller.

I haven’t got any solutions here but its just not so good seeing a sport I enjoy so much struggling. Just have to hope things improve soon I guess.

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