Halkidiki day 1

I am writing this sitting on a 3rd floor balcony (or 9th depending which side of the hotel you take your perspective from) of a lovely hotel in Halkidiki, Greece.

Its only the first day on holiday and I just feel so at peace right now. And as I say this is just evening 1 of a seven night holiday. I feel pretty shattered to be honest even though, if I go by English time, its not far past quarter past 7.

I know its been a busy 36 hours or so of travelling but I thought I was a good traveller. Well maybe I am and just today I’m feeling under the weather – which I certainly am.

So what have we been up to. Well Friday morning involved tidying up and making sure we had everything we needed to. Friday afternoon saw us finishing packing and by late afternoon we were at the airport.

Can I just say here (and with the knowledge that many of my readers will never visit the place in question – just bear with me people) that what they have done to Jersey Airport is dire. I mean I know it isn’t the finished article but christ it looks like it was never meant to be occupied at all let alone operating as an international airport. Maybe I should reserve judgement until its finished but right now its poor. Very poor.

Whilst writing that paragraph some fireworks started up somewhere around here. Only I couldn’t see them. And they’ve stopped now. Hmmm…how is Greece for gun crime? Lets hope we never find out eh?

Yesterday’s flight to London was very uneventful and we got to our hotel very easily. Although no longer having the walkway between the Gatwick north terminal and the hotel was a bit of a pain but nothing serious. (Am I moaning a lot here or something – hope not cos I’m good)

The hotel was ok despite not having the room type we hoped for but it was fine. For a place to crash for a night it was no bother at all.

The sports bar in the hotel has been replaced by something far more “fashionable” but I was too tired to partake anyway suffering a bit from a dodgy ear (which I am still right now – hope that wears off)

Then this morning’s flight was really good. Apart from seemingly missing our take off slot because of a family that felt gate closure times didn’t apply to them. But we arrived on time so no harm done.

The airport in Greece (Thessaloniki) tried to catch us out by telling us our luggage was at one carousel but actually delivering it to another. A sneaky trick indeed but we were wise to it having been alerted by someone else who was on our flight (whoever you are – thank you).

In fact the airport in Thessaloniki reminded me a lot of some others I’ve been to. Exeter, Southampton, Guernsey and Hewanorra (St Lucia) to name four. All not much developed beyond mud hut but hey they do the job 🙂

Then on the way to the hotel we discovered most drivers here behave like loons behind the wheel. Don’t get me wrong because I like speed and lots of it but everyone was hareing along at 120kmh squeezing into gaps that didn’t really look like their car fitted into them and they were perfectly chilled. It very much reminded me of driving in Ireland only with more heat haze and less drinking and driving. Allegedly.

Anyhoo, we did get here in one piece and it is just the most beautiful perfect hotel you could wish for. I think its going to take me a couple of days to get comfortable so I know my way around but it is lovely. Put it this way – while we signing in at reception someone came up to us and asked if we’d like a drink. Just as I was about to ask for a lemonade they suggested champagne, and who could say no to that really.

Then we’ve just relaxed around the pool, had a little explore, a lovely meal and a nice game of cards together. Its been pretty much a perfect sort of travelling day I guess and whilst I think I had the impression there was more to do around the hotel somehow I don’t think I’ll be complaining.

Well I think 40 minutes of writing this is long enough. I’m sure you’ll hear more from me soon probably from this very balcony spot. Unless the disco appeals one night. Hmmm….maybe.

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