Halkidiki day 2

Well its late to be writing I know but we’ve had a late finish tonight as were treated to a tribute to Mamma Mia. It was actually rather good I have to say despite being a touch overly long (although the concept of having a tribute show based upon a musical which itself was a tribute to Abba is a weird one I guess)

Today was as much about settling in as having fun although I think we’ve done both very well. The food here has been lovely for me although it is slightly fishy based as you might expect which isn’t to everyone’s taste.

There are lots of things to do so today I got stuck in with volleyball and water polo and I think tomorrow I’ll go see what other water sports they have. I was thinking about jet skiing but the cost has put me off a touch but I might have a crack at wind surfing.

The atmosphere at the hotel is lovely and you can’t help but be in a good mood around here. And I definitely am in a great relaxed mood although suffering a bit with a dodgy ear that’s very sore and I can barely hear a thing with. Back to the docs when home then!

I don’t think the kids will be going to their respective clubs much but that’s really down to the activities that they’re not interested in. That isn’t going to be a problem though as they’ve been keen to do their own thing.

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