On the way home

I’m definitely writing this in a pretty different place to my last few musings – in the aisle seat of a BA Airbus on the way from Thessaloniki to Gatwick.

The last day seems to have flown by. A beach party at the hotel was first moved indoors then, quite hurriedly back outside to the beach again. They had made loads of effort but it was lacking a little atmosphere I have to say.

We also made a not-so-clever mistake of thinking we could check-in yesterday early for our Jersey flight – rather forgetting the 2 hour time difference – doh!

This morning saw a little game of table tennis just after checking out of our rooms which was good fun – if a touch hot and sticky in the 30+ degree temperatures. Still lots of fun though.

Thessaloniki airport has redeemed itself with me actually being quite a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours waiting about. The shops were pretty good and the snack bar alright if a touch pricey.

I also today discovered why the airport had the weird code of SKG (read back to day 1 if a reference to Skegness makes no sense here). It stands for SeloniKa Greece so I’m told. By Wikipedia. Make of that what you will.

About 40mins till we get to London now and a little shopping spree I should think. And after that back home again and trying not to dread returning to work on Monday too much. Could be an effort šŸ˜‰

Finally, the choicest tracks from my in-flight playlist – Doves “Pounding”, They Might Be Giants “Birdhouse in Your Soul” and Ash “Kung Fu”.

Actually one more thing – while I was away I had an invitation on Facebook to an Ash gig in Jersey but when I tried the link today it didn’t work – hope that doesn’t mean it’s cancelled or I’m just too late – they’d be great to see I think. Hope I can!

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