Musical musings

I’m feeling in a very musical mood tonight. Probably because of hearing about Jersey Live coming up this weekend – which I’m not going to at present but I might change my mind on that yet! So I thought it might be appropriate to share with you all few songs off of my iPod for you all to remember or just think about.

1. Tin Tin Out – Strings for Yasmin One of those songs from the late 90s that any occasional club goer of about my age will probably remember even if they might not know it’s name. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve danced to this in Folies nightclub many times myself way back when. Song stands the test of time well.

2. Joan Armatrading – Love and Affection Maybe I’m just not in the mood for this one. Yeah it’s nice but “nice” isn’t really doing it for me right now.

3. Will I Am feat. Cheryl Cole – Heartbreaker I quite like this but I feel it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure like somehow there’s something embarassing about liking it. Maybe that’s Cheryl’s presence – I don’t know. Tis good.

4. Coldplay – Trouble Ok I guess this establishes that I’m not just not enjoying slow tunes because this one is pretty chilled to say the least but I’m still liking it lots. Still not as good as “Yellow” or “The Scientist” though.

5. Maria McKee – Show Me Heaven Showing my age tonight aren’t I!! I remember when this came out originally I absolutely hated it as it was sloppy pap. But older and (slightly) wiser me quite likes it. Beautiful song really, even if it is from a film – that’s usually enough to put me off a tune!

That’ll do for tonight – off to get some beauty sleep I think. Enjoy the rest of your week!!

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