Reflections on some TV

I’m just settling down here for a short while getting ready to watch the start of tonight’s Nascar race (in Atlanta, should you be interested) but that’s really incidental to other thoughts I’ve had tonight whilst watching tv.

Before this I was watching this programme, The Hospital, that was originally shown a few months back I think, but tonight I think was the first time I saw the first show all the way through.  They were focusing on drink related things tonight, and whilst I wasn’t suprised by anything it is still shocking the attitudes of some people.  You know the kind – those who think they have a god given right to be treated NOW – irrespective of why they’re actually there or who else might be more sick.   I don’t hate many people in this world, but if I ever meet anyone like that I’m sure I could reserve some hate for them.

Before that I was watching 9/11 Phone Calls from The Tower.  Now this brought out various feelings in me – some of which won’t be that popular.

My first reaction was – is there anything else about 9/11 that hasn’t yet been documented and made into TV.  Don’t get me wrong here it was a dreadful dreadful event and should be remembered, but does it really have to be dissected in such detail that we hear not just someone’s final phone calls, but literally the call they were on the very moment they died.  It just feels plain wrong, and really rather exploitative – although that said everyone clearly co-operated with the filmakers (with the exception on the husband of one of the featured deceased i noticed).

It does make me rather wander (somewhat uncaringly I admit) what the heck is next.  Give it a few years and presumably we’ll have a documentary on the children of the 9/11 survivors.  Anything to prolong the tv-viewability of the tragedy.  I sound cynical I know but I’m not sure that’s my fault.

They were my initial thoughts.  Then I watched it, and kept watching.  It made good TV – hearing the undoubtedly tragic stories of so many people who got caught up in this event.  It got me thinking – if I was there who would I call, what would I say, who would I need to hear from.  Morbid really isn’t it.

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