Ash and Inside Job

Hey all. It seems like I’m posting roughly once a month at the moment so I thought I’d get my November post in early and who knows I might even manage another. Maybe.

The last three weekends have been pretty amazing really all starting with a really nice night out with a group from work. It was really good chatting to quite a few people who I don’t often get to. They also had an excellent band on – Inside Job – who did in particular a fantastic cover of the Stereophonics’ “Dakota”.

Then this weekend first featured a fab night out with family, but then last night I went to see Ash.

I was really impressed with a lot of their newer tracks but of course the classics were the best. Tim treated us to some guitar playing with a scythe and the band had originally come out wearing what really looked quite a lot like the blue catering size kitchen roll, and played their first song wearing it.

The night ended with an especially storming Burn Baby Burn which I enjoyed enormously from the mosh pit right in the of the band. Quality. My left ear is still ringing but really it was worth it! That’s about the extent of my social life for the month I think, although at some stage we need to play a pool semi-final and final too hopefully! Quite looking forward to a nice normal week now, but hoping to enjoy myself at least. Enjoy yourselves all!

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