A little moan

This minor, in fact really really petty, moan started life as this tweet “Dave wonders why BBC’s Breakfast programme is shown on their news channel when there wasn’t a shred of “news” on it from 8 until 9″ but I thought the subject matter deserved more whining than Twitter’s 140 character limit allows.

Let’s get right to the point here. I don’t actually understand the point of the programme any more. It used to be an interesting source of information but now it’s just a very long trailer for other BBC shows. Take this morning for example.

I tuned in about 8-ish just in time to see Torres’s goal from last night (3rd minute of injury time – but still a victory earned the Man U way is still worth 3 points). Then some e-mails…ooh how exciting.

An interview with Faryl Smith with a clip of her singing before a rugby match. Unfortunately for the Beeb she says in the interview that she found her performance before the FA Cup final more thrilling, but of course BBC “News” can’t be arsed springing the cash to buy any rights to show the clip from ITV – quick change of subject then.

Then we get to see how Colin and Justin, the worlds longest surviving celebrity relationship (probably), are spending New Years Eve. No useful information is provided. They must have a BBC series coming up. Finally we get a preview of BBC’s dance contest show. No news there then. It’s just not good enough for a serious tv channel really.

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