Moving time, news and OG

It is fair to say it’s been an interesting past few weeks! I guess most readers will have already been aware we’ve moved house lately – into just a rented place and we’ll keep on looking for the dream house and hoping it really does exist. Can’t help thinking even Kirstie & Phil couldn’t help us on this one since we’ve investigated just about every 3-4 bedroom house in Jersey.

One set of estate agents made sure they aren’t on our Xmas card list for next year (message me if you want to know who to avoid!)

This house we’re in is quite lovely – too small for us to be a forever home but it makes a nice place to crash a few months. Having successfully sold our house means we can now consider some very interesting projects for the future. Going to look at one tomorrow actually.

Before heading off to return to my normal diet of racing cars of Forza Motorsport 3 I just wanted to mention last night’s “Newswipe with Charlie Brooker”. This programme should be essential viewing for anyone who’s ever watched the news. The gradual turning of news programmes into fact-based soap operas is just shameful but it seems to be here to stay – most sad! I guess “Newswipe” would be essential viewing if he CB didn’t say “f&€k” and “£u^+” quite so much really but hey stupidity in the rest of the world brings out frustration in all of us.

In fact….one more thing before I go. I have some lovely neighbours here, some nice folks we met down the pub last Saturday night… But sadly we also live near some gits. One in particular (anonymous sadly) who likes to hassle us about parking by our house despite our letting agent assuring us we’re entitled to.

Obviously our Old Git friend wasn’t interested in the fact and is utterly horrified at “young people” (eeeeek!) moving into the neighbourhood. Well my friend parking spaces are not allocated in proportion to the number of wars you have lived through, which is just as well as judging by the shaky handwriting I think OG was around for the English Civil War!

Ok I’m done now – hope you’re having a good decade so far. Bye for now!

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