Manchester / Tunisia – traveling days

Another holiday, another daily-ish blog. Another chance for me to recall events from a holiday quite possibly nobody else is interested in but as ever that’s never stopped me before.

Travelling here was unusally easy. The flight to Manchester was great, the hotel very handy (with lovely room service dinner I might add!). I guess my only complaint was the almost complete abscence of shops before security in departures. Is that like a new security related thing or something. Gatwick is the same now and there’s hardly any chance to be parted with your hard earned cash these days.

One surprise in Manchester was that we could buy Tunisian currency (Dinars should you be interested) when apparently it had been illegal in the past. Even our rep on site knew nothing about that until we told her.

The flight to Monastir in Tunisia was wonderful – possibly the nicest I’ve ever had. Yes it started half an hour late but the three hours just shot by. Kids were on good form too. Because we got a private transfer to the hotel we beat the coach travellers to the hotel by a good half hour or so which made the difference between eating and missing out on dinner. We ate well I tell you! The hotel has made a great first impression on us – just as good as that in Greece and I’m looking forward to discovering much more about it!

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