Tunisia day 3

Today was another varied day of our holiday. Camels this morning and ending with a weird cabaret we really didn’t quite get.  As I was downstairs in the bar tonight waiting for the cabaret to start it occured to me that this is the halfway point of the holiday – just 3 days left and 3 days to look back on.

Speaking of 3 days – that’s also the length of time it has taken me to realise that the fans running in the room are heaters not an air con unit. No wonder it’s been so hot at night.

Anyway my first experience of camel riding was certainly interesting. They are lovely animals really – suspiciously obedient for animals actually. I rode for what must have been about an hour with Lauren to this cafe where we had a coffee, watched a pottery making demo and ate some beautiful freshly cooked naan bread – very nice.

The actual camel ride was just really nice. I’d imagine it’s not entirely unlike horse riding (not having done that myself) and I had a great time chatting with Lauren. Alex had a camel all to himself and as I found out later it’s much much easier riding on your own.

On the way back I rode with the kids in a horse-and-cart although half way back I swapped with someone else to ride another camel the rest of the way. It was quite an experience really. Some particularly odd pictures will probably be in circulation soon too!

This afternoon was just relaxed by the pool. The weather was better today but there was a cold wind which saw us staying by the indoor pool again. Tomorrow we’ll probably be walking down to the marina again and then take the “noddy train” down to Sousse so we can experience a proper market with haggling and everything. Should be a nice cool night’s sleep for the first time finally!

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