Tunisia day 6

I feel quite sad writing this for lots of reasons. There’s the obvious feeling of “it’s my last full day on holiday”. Then there’s something of a dread about doing a day like today justice without writing so much I’ll get a sore finger from this iPod touch.

Also, to be honest today has involved a lot of time sitting travelling from place to place on a coach – time which led to me spending too much time thinking. Anyway this post isn’t about me. It’s about what’s been a great day.

Our excursion for most of the day involved visiting Kairouan, El Jem and Monastir. El Jem was just spectacular – it’s amazing to see what is obviously a very historical building but looking so well that it’s still in use as an entertainment venue.

The other locations were good too – the shopping like in Sousse varied from intimidating hassle (with the odd English common phrase thrown in – “it’s Asda price” or “cheap as chips”!) to cheap and very easy. We bought lots of nice stuff and had fun. We also saw this presentation about Islam which, having never really been taught about it properly, was fascinating.

Apart from the humourous pronunciation was must have been done by someone who’s only experience of English was off of the last Lily Allen CD. The word “grand” became “grarn-d” and “heirarchical” was the frankly-made-up “heiratical”

We finished the day watching a fakir show featuring my daughter sitting on a fakir who in turn was on a bed of nails. Nice!

Been a good day and a great holiday all in all. That said we’ve still got another half day here and then if the times work out ok some free time in Manchester too.

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