On the water and on the road

I’m writing this having had a lovely trip firstly on the boat to Guernsey then on to Weymouth and then driving up to Bristol for the night.

The boat started us off on the right foot by leaving early. That boat trip was great although the sea was a tad lumpy due to a little swell. The second leg of the journey to Weymouth was as smooth as anything.

We got a little stuck on the boat as we were just about amongst the last half dozen or so cars to come off & then we got a bit more stuck in Weymouth town centre due, I guess, to rush hour traffic.

We got the GPS thingie into action right away and it guided us through the town and out of it beautifully. All the way up here it’s been fab actually and it’s made a usually dull job like map reading seem half decent.

The drive to Bristol was great stopping off on the way at this Little Chef in Chard which I’m assured I visited a few years back. Leaving there Jean did drive in the wrong direction and then later “the GPS took it upon itself to change to Cardiff” taking us slightly in the wrong way but not really too far out to be fair.

After settling the kids down Jean and I shared a nice drink at the bar next to the hotel ending the night beautifully.

Early start from one of the kids aside i had a good sleep and an even better breakfast. Off to Cardiff today and can’t wait! Sooo excited.

Finally whilst here I saw some news on tv which was coming from Rothbury after Raoul Moat died. At one stage the BBC said it may take tine for the town to return to normal – and that got me thinking maybe they should clear off then and let them heal without thousands of lenses all over town.

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