Cardiff, air horns and a very happy Aussie

I’m writing this wide awake in bed after an amazing whirlwind day. It started with a shopping trip to Ikea which went ok, an unscheduled shopping trip to Tesco including buying something to wear for the SGP as we managed to leave my nice shirt behind! Doh!

Then in the car on the motorways and into Wales. I was far more confident on the motorways than ever before and I guess that will leave me well prepared for driving in Cyprus later this year.

The traffic was a bit nasty around the Severn toll gates but we only lost 20 minutes or so. We ended up losing much more time trying to find a decent car park around our hotel.

By the time we got our room I really had to dash off to the Millennium Stadium for the Speedway GP. I got there eventually with an assist again from the GPS (even though it took me through a shopping centre!) in plenty of time to enjoy the gorgeous food in the Dragon Lounge.

Everyone around the table I joined seemed lovely and slightly bizarrely everyone seemed to not only know Jersey but been there some time or other.

I went through to the stadium proper about an hour ahead of the event and I was immediately struck by the sheer size of the place. Someone near me guessed they had 40,000 people in there.

All night long whenever one of the British riders came up there was a nearly deafening wave of air horns – it all made for an amazing atmosphere all night even if for a time the racing itself wasn’t great.

In the end the man of the night was Chris Holder. Last time I saw him he was getting taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm yet 2 weeks later he’s on top of the world!

It’s all added up to a fantastic but tiring day. Yet it’s up bright and early – about 7-ish – to drive to Poole and catch the return ferry. Well be a shame to be heading home so soon but I’m sure we’ll be back one day!

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