On the way home

I’m currently sitting just by the shop / bar on the Condor ferry about a third of the way into the trip.  Been a lovely trip so far although everyone immediately around me looks a tad tired or queasy!

This morning’s early start was fine although the heat and this club banging out tunes a couple of streets away until 5 in the morning didn’t help.

The drive to Poole was fine – all country roads so a bit more taxing than motorways but we’re used to it from back home in all honesty – well except we’re doing 60mph along them here (I didn’t want to hold anyone behind me up!)

Poole saw us have a lovely shopping trip to Asda and Primark and then a bit of queuing for the boat. And I guess that’s about it really.

It has been such a busy couple of days but really good fun. We will definitely come back to Cardiff sometime – probably for next year’s SGP I guess – it really seems a lovely place and I’d have loved an extra day there. The company I’ve had has been pretty wonderful too! Back to work tomorrow! Shame! 🙂

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