Still on the sun loungers!

Well we’re just about here in Turkey but heading for the airport in a couple of hours but then arriving in London which is always good.

Looking back it has been really relaxing and time just lying awake in bed or quiet here by the pool has given lots of time to think.

I think that’s just what I needed you know – a nice break to get away and remember what’s important in my life. All that stuff is for another time though. I’m just enjoying this last hour by the pool keeping watch on a pile on slightly damp clothes of our kids.

Some of them probably got damp yesterday when me and the kids went kayaking. I’d last done that in Halkidiki last year but I think I must have forgotten how tiring it is – great fun though.

Last night we had the best show of all of those we’ve seen here. A song and dance thing with a variety of music and dancers brought in from South Africa apparently – they were very good.

Well that’ll do for now and guess next time I write I’ll be in London or at home!

Soon going home(-ish)

With only one full day left here in Turkey it’s easy to feel sad at not having much time in the sun left but at the same time there’s been some really good stuff to look back on.

Yesterday we went into the town of Belek which is pretty much like every other tourist focused Mediterranean town I’ve visited in recent years. Don’t get me wrong – that’s not a criticism but there’s nothing particularly outstanding about it and you could pretty much swap it and the main town of Halkidiki around – same goes for Port Al Kantoui in Tunisia. All nice places but the markets all tend to have the same sort of thing and the souvenir shops likewise.

We did have a lovely time though. We went down there on this “bus” – tractor pulling a tram carriage in other words and the kids had some fun riding on the front of it.

The shows here in the hotel have been quite mixed. Tonight’s live band were doing covers of cheesy 70s numbers (Bellamy Bros, Dr Hook, Abba etc) and I’m sure technically they were great but it wasn’t really our sort of thing.

The show on Friday night was quite good and very varied although sitting in this amphitheatre on a wafer thin piece of cushion didn’t half get sore after a time.

We’ve got one more full day as I said and then it’s back to London for a couple of days and then back home hoping it’s actually going to feel a bit more like home than it was when I was last there!

Massage and “reggae”

Today has brought sone more sun. In fact I think today started cooler and cloudier but but got hotter throughout the day ending very hot and humid outside.

After breakfast I got stuck in with some activities. I actually did yesterday with a fun game of water polo but this morning brought a few games of volleyball. As I said it wasn’t so hot first thing but it was certainly hot playing. Needed a nice cool swim after!

I went on some more of the aquapark slides today. There’s this one called the Hill Slide which is essentially a near vertical slope that arcs up to a slope on the other side that slows you down. The lifeguard / sadist simply chucks you off on side, spinning the rubber ring you’re sitting in, presumably whilst cackling like a Bond villain. I say presumably because you can’t hear him over him victims’ screams!

Alright it was much more fun than I’m making out actually but he did make the girls in front of me and my daughter shriek hilariously!

Tonight’s entertainment were a band billed as being reggae musicians but they really weren’t. But they were however rather good – they did cover of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” which I have to say was pretty excellent.

Nearly forgot to say I had a Turkish massage today. It was really very relaxing – although I’m not sure how massaging one’s hair might help with anything!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but I’m enjoying every day so far!

Heat, water and riverdance

Thank Christ for air conditioning. It might be rubbish in every office I’ve ever worked in but right here in this hotel room it’s amazing. And it had better be too considering the temperature is well into the 30s and really not much less at night.

We were hit by the heat as expected just on stepping out the plane. We were actually told it was 44c although we now think that was a bit of artistic license!

Next thing we discovered is that the hotel is massive – and largely German! I don’t know how many rooms there are but it covers enough area that we’ve seen some people travelling about on bikes, and there a mile long jogging circuit around the whole thing.

The hotel is really lovely. Granted it’s not as good as the one we had in Halkidiki – but very little could ever top that. It’s really lively which is perfect for our kids and they’ve really thrown themselves into the water-park. Bit too much if the amount of screaming Lol was apparently doing coming down this vertical water slide is anything to go by!

The food has been excellent in the main. Like any buffet there’s going to be some to your taste and some not, but that’s just how it is. It does seem a bit disorganised and therefore stressful at times but it’s still all good.

Tonight we went to watch this Turkish show which seemed to alternate between doing a Turkish-style Riverdance and some belly dancing. It was all good though and a lovely way to finish our first full day.

Off to Turkey

Now playing: Ash (not sure of the title – it’s only on my iPod as ‘R’ from the A-Z series)

Just sitting here on what is actually a surprisingly comfortable Thomson plane on the way down to Turkey – I was going to say that judging by the map we’re currently over northern France but as I’m typing this we’re told we are in Belgian airspace. Interesting….

As usual the flight to London was pleasant and uneventful. Very quiet actually – in fact Gatwick airport as a whole has been very quiet. We stayed overnight in the Hilton for a change and if the family room we had is anything to go by we’ll be staying there a lot more in the future – so roomy and spacious – really really good start to our trip.

The food in the hotel was gorgeous too. We did the really lazy luxurious thing of having a room service meal. Desperately expensive but always lovely.

Woke up at stupid o’clock this morning for the flight and here we are I guess. Going to have breakfast now. It may be weird but I do love airplane food!

Best tunes on the trip over:
5. Keane “Is it any wonder?”
4. Deacon Blue “Dignity” (enjoyed playing that at the Potteries few weeks back too!)
3. They Might Be Giants “Birdhouse in your soul” (long time since I heard this)
2. Jem “Flying High”
1. Primal Scream “Miss Lucifer”