Off to Turkey

Now playing: Ash (not sure of the title – it’s only on my iPod as ‘R’ from the A-Z series)

Just sitting here on what is actually a surprisingly comfortable Thomson plane on the way down to Turkey – I was going to say that judging by the map we’re currently over northern France but as I’m typing this we’re told we are in Belgian airspace. Interesting….

As usual the flight to London was pleasant and uneventful. Very quiet actually – in fact Gatwick airport as a whole has been very quiet. We stayed overnight in the Hilton for a change and if the family room we had is anything to go by we’ll be staying there a lot more in the future – so roomy and spacious – really really good start to our trip.

The food in the hotel was gorgeous too. We did the really lazy luxurious thing of having a room service meal. Desperately expensive but always lovely.

Woke up at stupid o’clock this morning for the flight and here we are I guess. Going to have breakfast now. It may be weird but I do love airplane food!

Best tunes on the trip over:
5. Keane “Is it any wonder?”
4. Deacon Blue “Dignity” (enjoyed playing that at the Potteries few weeks back too!)
3. They Might Be Giants “Birdhouse in your soul” (long time since I heard this)
2. Jem “Flying High”
1. Primal Scream “Miss Lucifer”

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