Heat, water and riverdance

Thank Christ for air conditioning. It might be rubbish in every office I’ve ever worked in but right here in this hotel room it’s amazing. And it had better be too considering the temperature is well into the 30s and really not much less at night.

We were hit by the heat as expected just on stepping out the plane. We were actually told it was 44c although we now think that was a bit of artistic license!

Next thing we discovered is that the hotel is massive – and largely German! I don’t know how many rooms there are but it covers enough area that we’ve seen some people travelling about on bikes, and there a mile long jogging circuit around the whole thing.

The hotel is really lovely. Granted it’s not as good as the one we had in Halkidiki – but very little could ever top that. It’s really lively which is perfect for our kids and they’ve really thrown themselves into the water-park. Bit too much if the amount of screaming Lol was apparently doing coming down this vertical water slide is anything to go by!

The food has been excellent in the main. Like any buffet there’s going to be some to your taste and some not, but that’s just how it is. It does seem a bit disorganised and therefore stressful at times but it’s still all good.

Tonight we went to watch this Turkish show which seemed to alternate between doing a Turkish-style Riverdance and some belly dancing. It was all good though and a lovely way to finish our first full day.

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