Massage and “reggae”

Today has brought sone more sun. In fact I think today started cooler and cloudier but but got hotter throughout the day ending very hot and humid outside.

After breakfast I got stuck in with some activities. I actually did yesterday with a fun game of water polo but this morning brought a few games of volleyball. As I said it wasn’t so hot first thing but it was certainly hot playing. Needed a nice cool swim after!

I went on some more of the aquapark slides today. There’s this one called the Hill Slide which is essentially a near vertical slope that arcs up to a slope on the other side that slows you down. The lifeguard / sadist simply chucks you off on side, spinning the rubber ring you’re sitting in, presumably whilst cackling like a Bond villain. I say presumably because you can’t hear him over him victims’ screams!

Alright it was much more fun than I’m making out actually but he did make the girls in front of me and my daughter shriek hilariously!

Tonight’s entertainment were a band billed as being reggae musicians but they really weren’t. But they were however rather good – they did cover of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” which I have to say was pretty excellent.

Nearly forgot to say I had a Turkish massage today. It was really very relaxing – although I’m not sure how massaging one’s hair might help with anything!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but I’m enjoying every day so far!

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