Soon going home(-ish)

With only one full day left here in Turkey it’s easy to feel sad at not having much time in the sun left but at the same time there’s been some really good stuff to look back on.

Yesterday we went into the town of Belek which is pretty much like every other tourist focused Mediterranean town I’ve visited in recent years. Don’t get me wrong – that’s not a criticism but there’s nothing particularly outstanding about it and you could pretty much swap it and the main town of Halkidiki around – same goes for Port Al Kantoui in Tunisia. All nice places but the markets all tend to have the same sort of thing and the souvenir shops likewise.

We did have a lovely time though. We went down there on this “bus” – tractor pulling a tram carriage in other words and the kids had some fun riding on the front of it.

The shows here in the hotel have been quite mixed. Tonight’s live band were doing covers of cheesy 70s numbers (Bellamy Bros, Dr Hook, Abba etc) and I’m sure technically they were great but it wasn’t really our sort of thing.

The show on Friday night was quite good and very varied although sitting in this amphitheatre on a wafer thin piece of cushion didn’t half get sore after a time.

We’ve got one more full day as I said and then it’s back to London for a couple of days and then back home hoping it’s actually going to feel a bit more like home than it was when I was last there!

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