Still on the sun loungers!

Well we’re just about here in Turkey but heading for the airport in a couple of hours but then arriving in London which is always good.

Looking back it has been really relaxing and time just lying awake in bed or quiet here by the pool has given lots of time to think.

I think that’s just what I needed you know – a nice break to get away and remember what’s important in my life. All that stuff is for another time though. I’m just enjoying this last hour by the pool keeping watch on a pile on slightly damp clothes of our kids.

Some of them probably got damp yesterday when me and the kids went kayaking. I’d last done that in Halkidiki last year but I think I must have forgotten how tiring it is – great fun though.

Last night we had the best show of all of those we’ve seen here. A song and dance thing with a variety of music and dancers brought in from South Africa apparently – they were very good.

Well that’ll do for now and guess next time I write I’ll be in London or at home!

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