First blog of 2011

Tonight I’ve had the most lovely relaxed evening. It’s just been great enjoying reading one of my Xmas pressies in such a fab relaxed atmosphere.

It got me thinking I really should post here more. I’m sure I have lots more nonsense in my head I should share but I don’t.

For example about 10 years ago before the Internet was like everywhere and around the time I was writing a web site, on Prestel before the Internet itself went mainstream, devoted to motor sport news and I had an idea late one December to write a page every day based on a relevant hopefully-motor-sport-related post. I guess someone came up with the idea of a blog before I executed it. I just didn’t know at the time. Being sweet and innocent and all that.

Anyway the book I was reading was 1001 Songs To Hear Before You Die. And what I’m thinking of doing is working my way back through the book finding things to witter on about.

Like how somehow Keane have only 2 songs in the top 10,000 yet Goldfrapp have 12. Dont get me wrong – I love Goldfrapp, especially “Number 1” but a whole albums worth? Naaahh.

Yet how good it is the Streets have several including “Dry Your Eyes” that apparently Chris Martin originally did the vocals for.

Anyhoo I decided I need more blogs about music. So going forward that lovely book will influence more.

And as for now I’d like to say on New Years Eve I particularly enjoyed playing….
McFly “Shine A Light”
Sugababes “Push the button”
Killers “Mr Brightside” (in the top 1,001 tunes!)

and wish I could have found a way of playing Taylor Swift “Back To December”

So for the first post in three months this has been quite wordy and I hope there’ll be lots more. Can’t promise tho!

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