Musical meandering

As I promised back in errr… January …. ahem…. I thought I’d put some more musically themed blogs around here sometime.

Tonight I was originally going to play some more Forza but felt I was too tired to do any good so just relaxed instead. And then I remembered my January post so thought I’d pick up my copy of 1,001 Songs To Hear Before You Die and leaf through from back to front (new to old).

And hope not to find the Birdie Song mentioned….

Starts off well enough Gorillaz “Stylo”. When this was released I remember being blown away by it. I saw it done live-ish on Later With Jools and it sounded outstanding but somehow never became as cool as their early stuff. Quite inexplicable to me.

Couple of world music bits or other things I can’t be bothered writing about next plus Lily Allen “The Fear” (top 1,000 songs ever? Really?!) and Florence & The Machine “Dog Days Are Over” (hmmm I guess)

Then Coldplay “Viva La Vida”. To me this originally was quite difficult to listen to so how it ever got to number one still puzzles me. Not that it’s not a great tune. Just not even Coldplay’s best work ever. Yet their only ever number 1 in either the US or UK. Quite bizarre.

iPod about to die so that’ll do for now. Night!!

That other island!

It might have been months since I posted here but my plane journey to spend a day working in Guernsey just prompted me to. Not that it was an eventful journey at all. I just noticed a few things.

Firstly, I have never before seen a sign in a passenger plane saying “For loading instructions, please see owners manual”. There’s an Owner’s Manual??! What on earth could be in it? Do I want to be reading it? And if not why’s the sign there. Very odd.

The plane I was in this morning was new to me too. I remember the old Aurigny Trilander and last year when I came here the plane was small but still had an aisle.

This morning’s transport was this tiny 10-seater. No aisle. Even had some seats you had to lift forward to get to others. Like a dodgy 1980s Mini!

In fact if I’m not mistaken the body of the plane was coffin shaped. Wonder if that saves time should the worst happen. In fact wonder how big the plane is I’m getting on in a minute.

This was actually the first time I’d been on a plane where the pilot offered all passengers earplugs. When I say offered he literally had a bucket of earplugs to pass round. Nice.

Final observation of the morning was the apparent appearance of a cemetery just short of the runway when landing. Again just what nervous flyers would love to see. Fortunately I’m not one.

Anyhow it’s been a good day today and looking forward to what might be a regular visit here. Should be good!