Another day in Guernsey

I’m starting to write this in the back of taxi in the morning while somethings fresh in my mind and will probably finish at the airport later so excuse me if it sounds a bit disjointed.

We had an interesting pilot today. Leah Betts, LSD and “Barts” were the subjects of discussion between the two pilots before we took off this morning. Pilot with an interest in LSD – yeah that’s what I want to hear about in your little coffin shaped plane!

It was a perfectly nice journey though, if a bit blustery out and a little late but all good though.  The working day has been really good and very productive indeed.

Because I’m probably going to be spending plenty more days here (Guernsey I mean – not the aforementioned taxi or airport) I thought at lunch time I’d pop out of work and explore the town centre.

I haven’t really been out and about in Guernsey in years so it was nice to have a leisurely wander. Interesting to see what they’ve done with the old market. Having a HMV store at one end totally reminded me of the old Tower Records by Piccadilly Circus. Obviously not in terms of size but just something about it being set slightly down from the road I guess. Well it makes sense to me.

Have to say these might be longish days here but they are tending to be very good days. That said working days in Jersey are pretty good right now too.

Anyway enough waffling from me for another week probably. Have fun!

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