France day 1

So today was a simple little 300km (or so) trip in the car, following the ferry from Jersey, going from Saint-Malo to Le Mans then to this hotel near Alencon.

Driving here in France has really been surprisingly easy. I really thought being on the wrong side of the road would make a difference to me but it just hasn’t. Yeah the speed is more than Jersey (like double) but that’s about it. As I said to someone tonight maybe if we were in towns with a lot of one-way streets then you’d find it tough but it’s been really good.

The motor museum just outside the Bugatti circuit at Le Mans was outstanding. A real mix of old and new. My pa-in-law knew the old while I could pick out the newer cars. I loved being that close to a Jaguar XJR-8 (I think – excuse me if I got number wrong). The “Silk Cats” really meant a lot to me when I was first getting into motor racing so being up close to one was great. Got lots of pics to share soon too.

Also I was a bit taken aback by my own reaction to something. My daughter asked me about a book simply called (and you must excuse me if I have date wrong) “19 July 1955”. I thought I knew the answer but thinking I could be wrong I just opened the book.

I saw a photo with a fire raging in the background and bodies lying all over the front of it. Immediately I realised I was right. The Pierre Levegh crash meant so much to the sport I love that I can’t let it pass unmentioned but at the same time this book reminded me it was a human tragedy. Many many motor sport fans died that day. It’s a story that deserves reading even if only to realise where we come from as a sport. The book contained photos so of-the-time and so clear that I almost couldn’t look too closely at them for fear of seeing something you really shouldn’t.

Driving on to Valframbert (south of Alencon) was good tonight. We have a fab hotel room. The meal we had was beautiful. The company was excellent. So now we’re left looking forward to an early start and a good but long time.

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