France day 2 – Valframbert-Bayeux

Today has been such a long busy day but its been very enjoyable too. I have such sore legs now after doing so much walking.

We started off with a nice drive up to Pegasus Bridge on the north coast, visiting the museum up there. Then visited a war cemetry then along past the Normany landing beaches, stopping off on the way at Luc-sur-mer (I think it was called) for lunch.

Changing our plans a bit we then drove to Bayeux through some pretty towns with awful roads and went to see the Bayeux Tapestry. We then came to our hotel and went back into Bayeux itself for an amazing meal. Bayeux cathedral in particular was quite a sight.

The town of Bayeux suprised me. It’s really quiet apart from this one modern bar on the high street.

Another surprise today was the comedy pronunciation by our Garmin GPS. Bayeux became “Bikes” or something similar and this morning we apparently drove down Rue de Ra-Ra-Ra Go.

Bit of a varied, less planned day tomorrow but should take in a zoo somewhere along the way. Looking forward to it!

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