France day 4 – heading home

Today was our last day in France and it’s been another excellent but tiring day. This morning was started out trying to find somewhere to buy a coffee before 9am (and failed) and then went back into Avranches to see the skull in Eglise Saint Gervais – failed there too as it’s being refurbished. Would have been nice if the parish web site would have mentioned it!!

We went for a nice coffee in Avranches and bought a Euromillions ticket, which I must remember to check, and then travelled back north to Zoo de Champrepus.

I have to say that was one of the best zoos I’ve ever visited. Sure it’s not got the appeal of London’s and the worthy causes of Durrell but it was a fab attraction.

We had a nice lunch in the rain there before starting to head for St Malo, stopping off at a biscuit factory shop. Some nice samples tested too.

In St Malo we went to the aquarium which whilst it was quite expensive and very busy it was still really good with an excellent ride called the Nautibus. Then a bit of shopping before getting in the queue for the ferry.

Now I wouldn’t normally whine about travel doing so much of it these days, but clearly Condor carry more passengers than they can efficiently service. Certainly if the queues at Duty Free and the food bar are anything to go by.

In the end the final mileage was 840km. A few more than expected due to some weird sequencing of visits due to the grim weather. We will most definitely be back sometime and look forward to planning another trip soon.

Several hundred photos to come soon. Lucky you ūüėČ

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