Strange day

It’s been a decidedly peculiar day so far today but good in many ways too.

For a start the mere fact that I’m blogging probably indicates that I’m in Guernsey today. Not particularly unusual in itself although having had to experience a whole four weeks without the delights of the Blue Islands lounge it’s been nice getting back into the routine.

The day started early then and weird with Channel 103 seemingly broadcasting by the power of Fuzz-o-sound. A technology capable of making Barry White sound like Will Young and vice versa.

Then there was the traffic. Maybe I should have realised with the kids being back and school but it did seem extra painful today. Still made it comfortably on time though and whilst enjoying lots of fab music in the car (Paramore “Playing God”, Courteeners “That Kiss” and lots of other good stuff!)

Then I realised I made the mistake of checking into the row on the flight out where they always – ALWAYS – switch me into a much less comfortable seat at the back of the coffin shaped can. Oh well. No harm done really.

Then I had the strangest departure I’ve had for ages sitting at a far corner of the airport in said coffin shaped vehicle for a good ten mins for no obvious reason. We then left in the other direction to normal just continuing the weird vibe.

Having lost time I guess the pilot was keen to make up every second possible because he could be seen doing 90 degree turns in the plane about 100 foot off the ground which I’d imagine was pretty weird. At least we didn’t fly over the cemetery I guess.

All that weirdness aside it’s actually been a really good productive day in Guernsey. Back here this time next week and already got bits lined up to be doing which is great.

Hoping this upcoming flight is less eventful!

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