France – June 2012, day 2


It’s been a quieter more chilled sort of day today – i.e. The mileage was down under 200km (I think – haven’t checked).

First thing we had a lovely breakfast in our hotel. Really nice actually considering we’re paying next to nothing for it.

After a quick fill of petrol we tried to go to the supermarket. We might have gone the wrong way round the car park (because of road works you understand) but we made it there and had a quick shop for the basics for the next day or two.

Then it was off to Océanopolis, just near the post of Brest. This was a superb aquarium. A bit like the Grand Aquarium in St Malo but more varied. The penguins stole the show as they often do! They were doing lots of work around the buildings so I’d love to visit again in a couple of years.

After that we headed for a shopping centre near Quimper for lunch and not shopping! Amazing really. We did make up for it though when we reached the Carrefour in Vannes. And the Lidl. One or two (or 18) lovely bottles of booze bought. Lovely.

Tonight we’d toyed with the idea of eating somewhere different but the pull of the Buffalo Grill at the end of the road – in walking distance! – was too hard to ignore.

Then back to our hotel here in Ploerens – just outside Vannes – for a game of crib then bed.

Another full day and whilst our last day is tomorrow I’m determined to enjoy it to the fullest 🙂

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